A Poem: The Drumming Beat

Rain beats upon the waters,

Hooves beat the ground.

Darkness hovers over,

Could they hear the drumming beat?


Sunlight somehow breaks through the darkness,

Glistening over the brightened sea

But clouds still hover over.


The tide runs in, waves crash.

A seagull swiftly flew away,

Unsure of it’s future.


Rain falls over solid ground,

The wind cuts away a tree,

Where had the sunshine gone?


No understanding of the tears that poured,

Nor for the drumming of the beats that followed.

Yet there would be a rainbow to follow.


Like gold refined, came out the sun,

But would it last forever?

The time will come.


Patience must be fed,

The sun gleams over the waters

To where the seagull was for now led.


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