A Poem From the Past: I hear the Rain

Today was cold and rainy, but I loved it =) It reminded me of a poem that I wrote not long ago about the rain…

The rain is hear the rain is here, I hear it drumming hard.
I here the birds fly away, to take shelter from the storm.
The rain is pouring hard right now and the windows shake from thunder.

The rain is beating hard, against the window pane, the wind is rising,
I see the trees sway, the birds songs are no more, but I wish they would stay. Then lightning flashes and thunder roars and everything starts to tremble.

The rain has stopped, the rain has stopped, hurray the birds are coming out,
They are singing a beautiful song. I went outside to smell the fresh air,
What a beautiful scent it was, the rain is gone the sun is out and a rainbow has appeared ,

What a pretty sight it is to see, those colors in the sky, the rain is gone and the birds song welcomes the night, the rain is gone and so is the day and tomorrow will welcome anew.

Yah bless,

Jenna :)


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