Poems from the past: Yah Will Help You

Be gentle to each other, no matter what you think.
Be happy every minute, and try to make others happy too.
YAH told us to love one another, just as HE loves us.
Be loving to your neighbor, and pray for your enemies.

A lying tongue wont help you, get away from what you did wrong.
But YAH will guide you every way, and help you tell the truth.
Stealing wont make you rich, but will only lead you astray.
Trust in YAH to lead you through the troubles you have each day.

Think before you speak, YAH knows everything you say.
A gentle word can turn away wrath, YAH’s truth will guide you each day.
Hating the person you don’t like wont keep them away from you.
But instead, pray for them and ask YAH to help you through.

Be gentle to one another, and love your neighbor as YAH loves you.
Be happy and joyful in all your actions, help others to be happy too.
Pray for your enemies, and ask YAH to help you through.
Love,  joy, peace, patience and kindness be in you.
Written on March 25 2010


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