The Narrow Path…

Running down a path 

Never looking back,

Her path was rocky and narrow

Tripping, but never falling

Running, but never stopping

Hurting, but never failing.

Fear trying hard to grasp her

But faith, like a shield guarded her

Battling obstacles with the sword of truth.

Across a hill climbing fast,

Closer, closer, she’s almost to the end

The golden gate is only a few more steps away.

Her spirit lifted and her path guided

Running faster down the hill

Closer and closer she gets.

She’s almost there

Running and breathing fast

But never failing to reach the end.

Finally, reaching the gate

She fell at the entrance

Gasping, breathing hard.

After a time a hand lifted her head,

“Welcome daughter to the golden gate,

The end of this narrow path.”

She looked into a pair of eyes

He gave her His hand

She took it and grasped it tight.

He slowly helped her step by step

So eagerly she walked in through the gate

The Man leading her in.

“Welcome to the Gate of life

You have done well to get here.”

Said the Man who now was wrapped in gold

Though tired and sore

She knew for sure

That she was safe in her Maker’s house.

We must try hard like this woman did

To walk the narrow path

And if we do the golden gate will be

Waiting at the end for us.

Written by Jenna on Oct. 19, 2010


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